The Story in Chronological Order


The original intent of this blog was to repost all of the posts from my original Japan travel blog that I wrote in 2003-2006. I have had a lot of fun writing and ended up with some posts outside of their original chronological order. This page will contain a quick link to all posts ordered by date. Please note: this is a work in progress and will be complete shortly!

Before Japan
Some background about the time leading up to my move to Japan.


Japan Round One
My first stay in Japan from 2003 – 2004. Includes my time in Kawasaki up to the summer of visitors.


Team Awesomesauce Presents
My friends from Canada visit Japan. Shenanigans ensue.


In between visitors
The short time between when my rowdy friends left and my family came to visit.


My family visits Japan
Stories about my parents and my sister visiting Japan.


Japan Round One (continued)
Covers the second half of 2004 until my first return to Canada


First Return to Canada
My first return to Canada for Christmas and New Year.


Japan Round Two
My second stay in Japan in 2005.


Mid year vacation
My personal vacation from work


Japan Round Two (continued)
My second stay in Japan in 2005 (continued)


Second Return to Canada
My sudden trip home in 2005


Japan Round Three
My third stay in Japan from 2005-2006. Includes another round of visitors.

Another visitor
My friend UPS visits from Canada. Shenanigans ensue. UPS is a nickname and is not in any way related to the parcel delivery company.

Japan Round Three (continued)
In between visitors in early 2006 featuring life changing decisions.


Parents return to Japan
My parents second visit to Japan


Japan Round Three (continued again)
The remainder of my time in Japan from April – November 2006.


The Farewell Tour
From my last day of work to my return to Canada


Memorable Students
Some memories of memorable students.


After Japan
Life after returning to Canada in late 2006.


Incoming Baby
How I became an overtired parent in 2014!


Other posts that popped up on my blog

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