December 21, 2004 – Breakfast – Canadian style


After a long, long day of travel yesterday, I didn’t feel like doing much today. The only thing I really left the house for was breakfast with my dad at his favourite breakfast place – The Wright Spot.

My dad is the oldest of 5 brothers who all live in different cities in Canada. They all have their own favourite breakfast spot that they eat at religiously. The Wright Spot features a $5 breakfast special:

  • Two eggs any style
  • Bacon, ham or sausage
  • Toast
  • Your choice of potato
  • Endless coffee

The restaurant also has a large selection of newspapers for diners. It is a popular hangout and breakfast spot for locals, especially members of the local farming community.

It’s possible to get eggs and bacon for breakfast in Japan, but it usually comes with a salad instead of a potato. It was nice to have a nice Canadian style breakfast for a change.

(2014 Update) Unfortunately the Wright Spot closed a few years ago. My dad has moved on to a new favourite breakfast spot.

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