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Memorable Student – Mr. Three Times Marriage

During my three years in Japan, I met many memorable people. Today’s post is about Mr. Three Times Marriage.

Mr. TTM was one of my most memorable students from the Kawasaki area. He was a middle aged businessman who was in the second lowest level. In a group class he would always introduce himself as “Mr. Three Times Marriage”. On one occasion another student of equally low English level said that she didn’t understand the name. Mr. TTM asked me to help with the explanation. I explained it like this:

“He wasn’t married one time. He wasn’t married two times. He was married THREE times!”. I did this while counting on my fingers, Booker T style.

On another occasion, Mr. TTM gave some further explanation to one of my female coworkers. He explained in English that his first two wives had “escaped”, but his third wife was very strong. I sincerely hope he was just making an unfortunate choice of words from a limited vocabulary, and that none of his wives actually needed to escape.

All the best Mr. Three Times Marriage!

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