September 21, 2004 – Washable technology

Looking south from a pedestrian bridge near Mukogaokayuen station

Looking south from a pedestrian bridge near Mukogaokayuen station

Today I did some laundry, and to my horror I found that I had left my USB memory stick in the pockets of my pants. After a trip through the washing machine it still worked perfectly. Probably not recommended.

I still haven’t gotten used to cold water wash for laundry. In most parts of Canada, washing machines use warm or hot water to wash clothes. Cold water wash seems to get the clothes clean, but it’s harder to get stains out. There is a great dry cleaning place near Noborito station that I take my work clothes to occasionally. They not only get out any stains that the cold water wash misses, but they also press and fold my shirts afterwards. Most of the teachers in the area use this laundry, so they have compiled a big list of all of the foreigner names so they don’t have to ask people with limited Japanese skills the same questions every time (address, phone number, etc). Not every business takes the extra steps to make their business foreigner friendly, so if you find one please tell everybody and make sure to give them your business.

After laundry I worked on updating my blog and got a few new pictures added.

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