March 20, 2004 – Time flies

I think the 10 minutes between classes is getting shorter every day. Today I had my ass handed to me by a very busy schedule.

(2014 Update)

Typical NOVA lessons were 40 minutes long with 10 minute breaks in between. In the 10 minutes between lessons teachers had to return to the teacher’s room, give rankings and write comments on all students, pass along the files to the next teacher or refile the student folders, check the schedule for changes, and then get ready for the next lesson. Bathroom breaks usually meant writing up comments or refiling student files later.

Most teacher’s rooms were narrow closet like environments with a bunch of people moving around quickly trying not to knock each other over. In large schools like Kawasaki there were not enough seats for all teachers to sit down between lessons, so many comments were filled out while standing and trying not to be in the way.

I liked most of the people at Kawasaki NOVA, but hated the pace of work some days.

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