March 4, 2006 – Too many stairs

Numazu NOVA is in a two story building. The main reception area and teachers room are on the main floor, and the classrooms are all on the second floor*.

On my way back to the teachers room after a lesson, I slipped and twisted my bad knee on the stairs. My knee hadn’t given me any trouble for a few years, and I had forgotten how much it hurt. I was also suddenly aware how many stairs there were in Japan. I had to go up and down the stairs for the rest of the day for my lesson. It was not a fun day at work.

I am thankful for the seldom used elevator at my apartment building!

* Dear British people. I know that you would call the floor immediately above the ground floor “the first floor”, while most of the other English speaking countries would call it “the second floor”. Yes, I am aware that you invented the language, but your way doesn’t make sense.

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