October 18, 2004 – Daytime cold medicine to the rescue

I had to work today to repay a shift swap. Daytime cold medicine got me through my shift. Hooray for generic brand DayQuil!

Life Daytime Cold & Flu

(2014 Update) One of the good things about working for NOVA was the ability to trade shifts with another teacher, commonly referred to as a shift swap. NOVA was also very accommodating about teachers calling in sick – as long as you called before a certain time in the morning, NOVA would try to find a replacement for your lessons. The teacher calling in sick does not get paid.

Calling in sick on a shift swap causes a lot of problems. Since the sick teacher doesn’t get paid it would cause the staff a lot of extra work to make the payroll work out. The worst situation would be calling in sick on a shift swap where the shifts being traded are in different pay periods. No matter how sick the teacher is, the staff would NOT be happy.

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