March 8, 2005 – Room setup never ends


Today I spent time once again trying to organize my room at Ooka City Plaza. My room is the smallest of the three bedrooms, and has an awkward shape. That combined with the sheer volume of stuff I am trying to keep in there makes it difficult to get the way I want it.

Today my closet got attention. The closet is large enough that I had at one point considered setting up my futon inside and turning it into a private sleeping area. However, recently it has become a storage area for empty boxes. I cut down the boxes I didn’t need, and organized the rest to make the rest of the closet more usable. My next project is to organize, sort, and throw away some of the random stuff that is currently stashed in my giant suitcases. It is surprising how much stuff a person can collect in a year and a half.

Progress on my room is always very slow. At this pace I will probably just finish finding the ideal setup right before I move back to Canada.

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