March 10, 2005 – Massage?

In the morning I went for a much needed haircut. The last time I ended up with a bizarre soccer hooligan haircut, but I decided to give QB house another chance, mainly because it is close and cheap. This time worked out much better, and I got exactly the haircut that I wanted.

Tip for everyone getting a haircut in a different language: bring a picture of a time you got a good haircut.

Work was pretty typical, but something interesting happened on my way home. Mishima NOVA is located across from the south entrance of Mishima station. I was waiting at the corner to cross the street, when I was approached by a woman. She asked me in Japanese if I wanted a massage. I politely said no, and she went back to the corner and continued asking men who walked by.

I have never seen anything like this before in Japan. Also, I am no expert on the massage business, but I suspect most legitimate massage places don’t advertise face to face on street corners at night.

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