July 7, 2005 – Eastside Hockey Manager


After a few days of traveling and lots of walking, I spent the entire day at home playing an incredibly addictive game called Eastside Hockey Manager 2005.

EHM is a hockey business simulation, where you take the role of general manager of a hockey team. It has thousands of real players from over 20 different hockey leagues around the world. I spent my day drafting, trading, and scouting players while trying to win the Stanley Cup. This is simply a fantastic business simulation game.

Since my computer is a bit underpowered, it took some time for the days to advance in my game. While the computer was thinking, I read The Stand by Stephen King.

Video games and a good book = great use of a vacation day!

(2015 Update) Eastside Hockey Manager got an update in 2007, but due to rampant piracy the series was discontinued. While looking for a screenshot of the game, I was shocked to learn that Eastside Hockey Manager came back suddenly, with a new version hitting the net late March 2015!! There goes the rest of my free time! Check it out here at http://eastsidehockey.com/

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