January 30, 2006 – Planning for the Future

Today was a typical Monday – I had the day off and caught up on being relaxed. In the evening The Penpal came over after work and we ordered food and hung out.

Since my friend UPS had come to visit, I had been seriously thinking about returning to Canada. I enjoy teaching English, but know it won’t be my career. The biggest problem would be leaving The Penpal behind. We had talked before about her moving to Canada, but tonight we actually seriously discussed the idea. I was happy to hear that she was not only interested, but actually excited about the idea of moving to Canada and living with me!

Japan and Canada have a Working Holiday Visa that allows people under a certain age to work and travel in the other country for up to a year. We decided that when I returned to Canada (likely before the end of the year), that she would apply for a working holiday visa and come with me. That gives us a year to see how we enjoy living together and how she enjoys being away from home before we have to make any other decisions.

She told me that she would talk to her parents about the idea, and we parted ways both happy, excited, and very much looking forward to new adventures together.

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