January 3, 2005 – Greyhound Bus

My car was still stuck in the parking lot of my sister’s apartment building. This was especially annoying because the parking lot in the neighbouring building had been cleared of snow 3 times since the big snowstorm. The neighbouring building also had a different property management company. Unfortunately the apartment vacancy rate in Winnipeg is very low, so property managers can get away with being lazy.

I ended up taking a Greyhound bus back to Portage la Prairie. The Greyhound bus was just as glamorous as I remember (i.e. not very). However, it is a safe, reliable way to get between cities on horrible winter roads.

The only exciting thing that happened in Portage was a visit to the dentist. Apparently the dental hygienist was flirting with me and was asking about me after I left. As usual, I was completely oblivious.

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