March 31, 2004 – Daytime cold medicine rules!

Life Daytime Cold & Flu

My cold is getting worse! Before work I took some Life Brand daytime cold medicine shipped from Canada. Life Brand is the generic house brand available at Shoppers Drug Mart. I am pretty sensitive to the “daytime” ingredient (pseudoephedrine). This turned me from a regular English teacher into Energy Man, the most energetic English teacher in the whole country. I was speaking about 100 km/h and wildly gesturing in every direction for the duration of my 5 lessons. An English lesson with Energy Man is not something that people will soon forget.

Unfortunately for me, the cold meds wore off on the way home, killing Energy Man and leaving a sick English teacher to survive the rest of the train ride. Daytime cold medicine rules! Crashing after daytime cold medicine wears off does not.

(2014 Update) Fun fact: Daytime cold medicine in Canada still contains pseudoephedrine. In the USA, this has been largely replaced with a different ingredient that you can’t make crystal meth with.

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