June 15, 2006 – Ethical dilemmas and Prince of Space

Today was pay day, the happiest day of the month! (Yes, we only get paid monthly)

In addition to my NOVA pay, I got a “bonus” in the form of free beer vouchers from one of the students. This student has been stuck in level for a while, and is trying hard to get promoted. The timing of his gift is not coincidental.

NOVA has a strict policy about teachers not accepting gifts from students. I tried to refuse in the classroom but he insisted on giving me the beer vouchers. After a brief ethical dilemma I decided to accept them because:

  1. He had given the same gift to a few other teachers that he liked
  2. I will share the beer with other teachers

I celebrated pay day and the soon to be shared gift by watching a terrible MST3K movie called “Prince of Space” with my roommates. The movie was a combination of two short Japanese movies from 1959 based on the TV show “Planet Prince”. For the American release, the two movies were edited together and dubbed into English by Italians. It’s not as bad as it sounds; it’s much worse. Check out a review on badmovies.org here!

Prince of Space!

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