December 12, 2016 – Good memories

Greetings readers, it’s -20 in Winnipeg tonight. I’m bundled up and hiding in front of my computer working on a chronological index of all of the posts on my blog. The chronological list makes for a cool master reference of the over 700 posts (as of right now) that I have already written about my time in Japan. Working on it is also a good way of procrastinating on long overdue new posts.

Looking back on some of my posts brings back good memories of a simpler time: I was living in an exciting place, having adventures everyday, saving a little money and spending the rest on food, beer, and karaoke. I hung out with people from around the world, knowing that when I was tired of that lifestyle I could simply pack up and return home to Canada.

I am writing this now from a house that I’m paying a mortgage on, up too late on a work night for an office job, listening to the baby monitor to hear if my nearly 3 year old son is waking up. It’s a very different lifestyle than 10 years ago, however there are still some minor similarities; I’m up late on my computer listening to music and drinking a can of Sapporo 🙂

Although I know that the carefree time of daily beer and karaoke is over, I know that I still have a lot of adventures to come. I’m looking forward to taking my son on his first trip to Japan next year. He’s already asking to see the ocean and ride trains. It’s going to be different than before, but sometimes different can be good too.

If you’re reading this, I wish you all the best of the season and hope that wherever you are that you’re close to friends, family, and happiness.



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