June 14, 2005 – Come and Knock on our Door…

My roommate Palmer is away in Thailand for 3 weeks on vacation. My other roommate Azeroth was teaching, so The Penpal and I had the apartment to ourselves for a change, or so we thought.

The Penpal came over and we went to Super Kadoike, the small supermarket across the street from our apartment building. We bought ingredients to cook spaghetti with tomato, bacon, and eggplant sauce. We returned home and started cooking.

While cooking, we were very surprised to see Palmer’s girlfriend Mia walk into the apartment with a load of laundry. I had not idea that she had her own key! She introduced herself to The Penpal, started doing the laundry, and then took a shower. After her shower she came out to talk to us while wrapped in a towel and drying her hair with another towel.

Yes, it was as awkward as it sounded.

Mia did not live in our apartment, but did spend the night with Palmer on occasion. I have no idea why she thought it would be okay to just make herself at home while Palmer was away, or why on earth she thought it was a good idea to talk to The Penpal and I while she was wearing a towel. WTF indeed!

Later in the evening I did my best to assure The Penpal that Mia did not often just hang around in a towel. I think I will be discussing this with Palmer when he gets home!

(2015 Update) This was about the time I made the decision to start saving up for my own apartment.

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