February 2, 2004 – Yay blond hair!

Today I worked a shift so another teacher could go watch the Super Bowl and drink heavily. He found a bar that was showing the game (early in the morning) and had Happy Hour until the first touchdown.

Trading a shift with another teacher usually involves simply switching one day for another. However, since I am a part time teacher (5 lessons per day), trading with a full time teacher (8 lessons per day), I ended up with 5000 yen as compensation for working the extra 3 lessons. My day off in return for working today will be February 12. Marshall and I are planning a night out in Tokyo.

Work was interesting. Most of my students were women and I got flirted with in nearly every class. Yay blond hair!!

(2014 update)

It is entirely possible that I get flirted with more often than just on this day, but I am generally pretty clueless.

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