September 13, 2004 – Tiger Mask

I woke up with a headache and a raspy voice thanks to the farewell party last night. Consequently, I spent most of the day being VERY lazy. At some point I finally got off my butt and went out to rent a movie. I found the pro wrestling section of my favourite video rental store, and ended up coming home with an awesome tape of Tiger Mask matches.

Tiger Mask is a wrestling character based on a manga hero. He wrestles a high flying style while wearing his famous tiger head mask. To date, Tiger Mask has been portrayed by four different wrestlers. I believe that the tape I rented featured the original Tiger Mask, Satoru Sayama in matches against Dynamite Kid and a very young Bret Hart. Sayama was Tiger Mask in the early 80’s, but his matches (especially against Dynamite Kid) featured a fast paced, hard hitting, exciting style that was well ahead of their time. If you are a pro wrestling fan, you NEED to watch some Tiger Mask matches.

In addition to Tiger Mask, I also watched Paycheck, which could have been a lot better.

(2014 Update) In 2010, amazing pro wrestler / MMA fighter Ikuhisa Minowa became the fifth person to officially portray Tiger Mask.

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