March 9, 2004 – Access restored!


FINALLY, I have access to my website again. Unfortunately, due to a few weeks of not typing, I have forgotten most of the interesting happenings. Fortunately, Nothing very exciting happened so you didn’t miss anything! Here are some highlights and lowlights in no particular order.

  • I got a TV from a guy who is moving out for only 1000 yen. Now I can watch Japanese TV in my room!
  • I will be switching from part time to full time May 1st if all the paperwork goes through
  • I walked 1/3 of the way to Kawasaki station for something to do. Walking through the not so major streets of any city is a great way to really learn about life in another place.
  • My group kids class learned the word “penis” and used it in class a lot. Note: They didn’t learn it from me!
  • I went to Yodabashi camera, which is a HUGE electronics chain (think Future Shop but about 6 times bigger). It was crazy!
  • One of my M2M kids students thought it was funny to throw things at my groin in class. Being that he didn’t succeed, I can appreciate the humour in that.

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