October 20, 2004 – Mover details

The Penpal sent me an email with the details for my upcoming move. My Japanese language ability is likely not good enough to organize a mover by myself. I am sure that NOVA would offer some assistance, but having a helpful bilingual girlfriend made things much easier.

After doing some research, the Penpal found a company called One Room Hikkoshi Center. They specialize in small moves within Japan. Before my moving date on November 1, they will send boxes, a futon bag, bubble wrap, and packing tape to me at Hello House.

On the day of the move, one mover will show up with a truck at 9:00am. He will be bringing a hanger box for my clothes and a PC box for my computer. While I pack those, he will be loading the truck. The Penpal even made sure that I could ride in the moving truck instead of having to take the train to Numazu.

This is my first time hiring a mover, and thanks to The Penpal the planning couldn’t have gone better. Thanks The Penpal, you rock!

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