Happy New Year 2017!

Greetings and Happy New Year! If you are reading this I hope you had a fun and exciting new year with friends or family.

Now that the train wreck known as 2016 is behind us, I’m looking forward to a better year. As a rule I don’t make new year’s resolutions, because they are typically forgotten within the first few months. However, here are some things I will be trying to accomplish in 2017:

  1. Be a good father and husband – doing both of these things involves hard work, trial and error, and a lot of patience (on their part and mine). I’m going to try hard to always put family first.
  2. Finish off my travel blog – as of the time I am writing this post, my Japan adventures are stuck in mid 2006. I’d like to finish off the story within 2017.
  3. Record a song – for the past few years, I have been slowly learning how to play the bass guitar while jamming with friends. We actually have a few song ideas that are decent, and I’d like to get a good recording of at least one of them this year.
  4. Find time for the gym – I don’t always like going to the gym, but I love the way it makes me feel and look. I’m hoping that with a healthy family and continuing to get used to my new job that I can once again get back in the habit of hitting the gym a few times a week.

Thanks for reading my blog, and I hope your 2017 is infinitely better than 2016. Take care of yourselves and each other!


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