August 24, 2003 – the To-Do list

It is one month before I arrive in Japan. Today I am catching up on apartment stuff (cleaning, dishes, laundry) and will be doing some preparation stuff as well. Most of the preparations right now involve getting my work visa. To see what hoops I need to jump through, check out the Japanese Consulate website here. The main things I need are:
– Letter from a doctor saying I am healthy
– $2500 in Canadian traveler’s checks
– Plane ticket with open return (got it)
– Passport (got it too)
– Travel insurance

I need to apply for the visa in person at the Japanese consulate in Edmonton. The plan is that on Tuesday or Wednesday I am getting a full physical examination for the doctor letter, and next weekend I am driving to Edmonton if I can get an appointment for Tuesday, September 2. I also need to plan my fundraising social ASAP so I might actually have a chance of having one. Today I am planning on getting a folder together with a check list so I can keep all my paperwork in one spot, and not forget anything when I go to Edmonton.

Flight leaves Winnipeg September 23rd, 9:05 am to Vancouver. After a short stopover in Vancouver, I fly from Vancouver to Tokyo arriving September 24 at 3:00pm. Total flying time will be 14 hours. Thanks to Toronto’s Dream Time Travel for making my flight cheapity cheap.

2013 Note

Dream Time did not actually make my flight cheapity cheap. I have had cheaper flights since then. If you just need a flight, forget the travel agent and search on


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