November 26, 2004 – America F**K Yeah!

After work, I watched a downloaded version of “Team America: World Police” with my roommates. Team America is a new movie from the South Park guys filled with over the top satire about America’s role in the world. It was also done completely with puppets, including the sex scenes. Think nude Ken bumping into nude Barbie.

The movie was hilarious and incredibly offensive. I think we will all be singing the theme song “America F**K YEAH!” around the apartment for a while.

(2014 Note) For the record – I don’t know how a downloaded copy of this movie got onto one of my roommate’s computer. I am going to assume that it was paid for legally. Downloading movies for free is bad, and you should never ever ever do it. Never. Not even once. Nope, don’t do it.26

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