January 9, 2006 part 3 – Bubble Tea

Disclaimer: UPS is the nickname of one of my friends visiting Japan. This post has nothing to do with United Parcel Service.

After spending the day exploring Numazu and Mishima, my friend UPS and I had ramen for dinner. I’m not talking about the instant stuff which is the stereotypical diet of college students, but the real, big bowl of hot delicious noodle soup in a restaurant. If you ever visit Japan, you must eat ramen, preferably in a small shop with a narrow counter. UPS had been wisely practicing his chopstick skills before spending 4 months in Asia, so he did very well eating slippery noodles with sticks.

We stopped in at my apartment to drop off our purchases, and then met The Penpal at the nearby Seiyu for a quick visit. Seiyu has a small food court area where I have eaten a few quick meals before. They also serve bubble tea. UPS had tried bubble tea before, but The Penpal and I hadn’t. We all ordered some and sat down to drink it.

UPS asked The Penpal what she thought of the bubble tea. She said that she liked it, but was very surprised when the balls shot into her mouth. UPS and I, being two mature, educated Canadian men, started giggling uncontrollably. The Penpal looked confused, so we decided to be nice and explain that “balls” could refer to several different things in English. She was embarrassed for a few seconds, and then joined us in giggling and making immature remarks about the balls in our bubble tea. My girlfriend is the best!

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