April 10, 2005 – Pick it up

Today in my NOVA kids class, my 6-9 year old boys decided to empty the garbage can on the floor and run around in circles instead of doing anything that resembled learning English. When the bell rang to end the lesson they all rushed to the door. I stood in front of the door holding the garbage can, made my most serious face, and then told them sternly “pick it up”. The kids looked at me like I was from another planet. I pointed at some of the garbage on the floor and again said “PICK IT UP”. Finally they started getting the idea, and reluctantly picked up the garbage. Nobody got to leave the class until every last scrap of paper was in the can.

If you are ever unsure about having children, I encourage you to teach English to a group of other people’s kids overseas. It is a great form of birth control.

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