August 9, 2005 – Fireworks in Kamakura

I swapped the day off so I could go see fireworks in Kamakura with The Penpal. One of her friends lives in the area and invited us out.

Like the other fireworks shows I have watched this year, this show was nothing short of amazing, even thought it was a bit cloudy which affected some of the visibility. My personal highlight was a giant Doraemon head which was made up of several fireworks, which would have taken a lot of planning. Japanese firework shows are serious business!

After the show, tens of thousands of people tried to use the train station at the same time. It was PACKED. The station staff was giving directions with a megaphone informing everyone that the train was very busy, and which lines were going in which directions.

When we finally got on the train it reminded me of my nights on the last train out of Shibuya. The Penpal and I were pressed up against each other, which under most circumstances would be a good thing. However, we were also being crushed on all sides by strangers, and the temperature was approximately 6 million degrees and humid. It took some of the fun out of the situation.

The Penpal and I stayed the night in a hotel in nearby Fujisawa, both so we didn’t have to worry about returning to Numazu late, and also because it was good to get some time together.

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