February 6, 2004 – The drunkest self email ever

I went out to the new HUB Pub in Kawasaki after work with my trainer, boss, and some other teachers. Fun was had and a little too much beer was consumed. On the ride home I sent myself an email with all of my intoxicated thought processes. It is kinda scary, and something I will look at the next time I want to drink too much.

2014 Notes:

I kept the drunk email message that I sent to myself. I haven’t looked at it in almost 10 years, and it was a little scary. At first there were full sentences, and it got progressively worse as the train ride went on. Here are some excerpts with spelling corrections:

  • I am surrounded by drunk people. They have the walk and blank stare of drunk people. I can tell by the way they walk into tie crowded train. I know their secret. You can always tell because they never do things half way. They are good and drunk. It is hard to stand right now. I wish i could sleep sitting like the rest of them but there was’t a seat. This the drunkest train in Japan! It will Only get drunker at Mizonokuchi! The Chick in front of me is sleeping on that guys suitcase.
  • Radiohead makes the train trippy. He is wearing the gloves of a gay man. Hirama sounds like Yama which means mountain.
  • All the dudes took all the seats, f**kers. Sugi wa Mukaigawara. Bouncy train.
  • Ugly chick looking at me.
  • My handle pivots.
  • Drunk drunk drunk! Sausage fest – too many dudes. Not cool!
  • Nakahara! Get off the train.
  • I am leaning at a 30 degree angle.
  • Nakahara! F**k you! IT is big sandwich night.
  • I got a seat between sleepy guy and drunk phone guy. I can read his writing. Seat makes me dizzy. Sausage!
  • They will close the doors – exercise caution!
  • Your book doesn’t make sense, my eye is gonna bleed.
  • POO
  • Old lady sleeping on the train.
  • KUJI! its a  station.
  • Balloon pants! BALLOON!
  • almost home
  • My cd player skips for no good reason? reason.
  • Good night!

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