December 6, 2003 – The Last Samurai

After work I went to Shinyurigaoka for dinner and a movie with Yumi. Okonomiyaki is like an omelette pancake with egg, cabbage and meats or vegetables of your choice. You grill it at your table and cover it with delicious sauce. It is delicious and a lot of fun to cook. Seriously, you have to eat this.

After dinner we went to see the Last Samurai at a large movie theatre. This movie theatre, like many in Japan, had reserved seating! This should be standard at every movie theatre. Nobody likes to show up an hour early to get a good seat for a popular movie. The movie, like most foreign movies shown in Japan, was subtitled and not dubbed. Fortunately for me they also provided English subtitles when the characters were speaking Japanese, something that Kill Bill didn’t do.

I was worried that the crowd would be a bit uncomfortable with the hero of the story being a gaijin, and Emperor Meiji being a bit of a weak character. However, everyone in the crowd liked the movie, especially the strong performance of Ken Watanabe. After the movie I ended up catching the last train back to Noborito. Good times!

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