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February 19, 2005 – New nickname

After work I went out to my favourite izakaya Ryuu with Palmer and Azeroth. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may notice a pattern developing.

In addition to the famous 100 yen draft beer, Ryuu also has very cheap sushi. I ordered some tako nigiri (octopus on rice) for only 70 yen each. Unlike other discount sushi, the pieces of fish were surprisingly large.

After a fun evening of beer and sushi, I was given a new nickname by my Aussie and American roommates: Frenchy McFrencherson from North Frenchland. If Canada does change it’s name to North Frenchland, it will make the anthem a lot harder to sing.

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May 8, 2004 – Atlanta? Seriously??


I asked students today if they knew the capital city of Canada. I managed to get only one correct answer all day. One lady guessed (in order) Calgary, Quebec, Atlanta.


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December 17, 2003 – The Canadian Ambassador has arrived

Why yes I do always travel with a Canadian flag and a laminated map of Canada.

Why yes I do always travel with a Canadian flag and a laminated map of Canada.

Today I had my special Canada voice class. I got two class periods to talk about and take questions about Canada. I wish I had more time!

After a brief introduction, I ran through comparisons of Japan to Canada (population, area, GDP, exports, etc.) and took questions. After the break, I showed off some of my pictures from Canada, including lots of snowy winter pictures. Then it was time for “Canada: Myth or Fact”, where I gave some popular stereotypes about Canada and the students had to decide if they were true or not. Some examples include “Hockey is Canada’s national sport”, “Canada doesn’t have an army” and “All Canadians leave their doors unlocked”. (all myth BTW).

Basically I got paid to talk about Canada for 80 minutes today. Life is good.

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October 31, 2003 – Team Canada

Original Post

There is a new Canadian in Hello House! Now we are not so outnumbered by the Aussies. Go Team Canada!

2013 Update

Hello House is largely fully of Aussies and Americans. The new Canadian (let’s call him Marshall) brought the Canuck total up to 3. Hello House had roughly the same proportions of teachers as NOVA did. At NOVA, most of the English teachers were Australian or American. Next in line would be British and Canadian. Pulling up the rear for numbers are Irish, Scottish and New Zealanders. There was no restriction on country of origin, as long as English was your first language and you could get a working visa.

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