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April 22, 2005 – Invasion of the Obasans

After work I went out for cheap beer and sushi with coworkers. (Yes, like almost every other night).

Tonight there was a huge crowd of older ladies in Ryuu. Usually the izakaya is filled with English teachers and salarymen. Tonight we were surrounded on all sides by obasans. It was a bit of a different dynamic, but the power of beer and sushi still allowed us to have a good time.


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February 19, 2005 – New nickname

After work I went out to my favourite izakaya Ryuu with Palmer and Azeroth. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may notice a pattern developing.

In addition to the famous 100 yen draft beer, Ryuu also has very cheap sushi. I ordered some tako nigiri (octopus on rice) for only 70 yen each. Unlike other discount sushi, the pieces of fish were surprisingly large.

After a fun evening of beer and sushi, I was given a new nickname by my Aussie and American roommates: Frenchy McFrencherson from North Frenchland. If Canada does change it’s name to North Frenchland, it will make the anthem a lot harder to sing.

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January 17, 2005 – Izakaya

After work I made yet another visit to the new izakaya “Ryuu” with some co-workers. We got 2 free orders! Ryuu is quickly becoming the popular after work beer spot for teachers, likely because it is really cheap.

There was no karaoke afterwards for a change.

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January 9, 2005 – Poor choices

Going out for 100 yen beer after a late shift does not make for a fun start to an early shift. Urgh.

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January 8, 2005 – New Izakaya! 100 yen beer!

After work, I went with Palmer to a new chain izakaya called Ryuu. It has great atmosphere with tatami mat floors and low tables. More importantly, it features 100 yen draft beer (about $1) and 260 yen orders of food. The 100 yen beer even comes with a small mystery snack. Palmer was friends with one of the staff, so we got a free order of food.

You really can’t beat 100 yen beer.

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