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February 19, 2005 – New nickname

After work I went out to my favourite izakaya Ryuu with Palmer and Azeroth. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may notice a pattern developing.

In addition to the famous 100 yen draft beer, Ryuu also has very cheap sushi. I ordered some tako nigiri (octopus on rice) for only 70 yen each. Unlike other discount sushi, the pieces of fish were surprisingly large.

After a fun evening of beer and sushi, I was given a new nickname by my Aussie and American roommates: Frenchy McFrencherson from North Frenchland. If Canada does change it’s name to North Frenchland, it will make the anthem a lot harder to sing.

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Request for a name change

After posting the New Year 2004 epic Bongo Battle story, I had the following conversation on IMessage:

newname1 newname2

I have since updated the post to change the name from “Hippie’s girlfriend” to “Sunny”.

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Incoming Baby! (part 2) – Wooshy

It's a foot!

It’s a foot!

The story continues…
In the weeks after the pregnancy test, we started scrambling to get things organized. One of the first things we did was to get The Wife a family doctor. In Canada there can be waiting lists for getting a specific doctor. However, we were willing to take anyone available and we were lucky enough to find a doctor who was moving from a rural to a city practice and was taking new patients.

Our Doctor was originally from the Punjab region of India, but had moved to Canada to practice medicine. He still had a fairly distinct Punjabi accent. At the time, The Wife had been living in Winnipeg for about 6 years. She still has a distinct Japanese accent. One of the best things about being an English teacher in a foreign country is that you get a very good ear for accents. I can usually understand English being spoken by people from all over the world. I had no trouble understanding what either The Doctor or The Wife were saying to each other. However, neither one of them had been an English teacher in a foreign country, so they both had difficulty understanding each other at times. This allowed me to be an English to English translator. Living in a multicultural society is awesome.

On our second appointment, The Doctor pulled out a small microphone for listening to the baby’s heartbeat. The Wife laid down on the exam table, and The Doctor put the microphone on the still small baby bump. Instantly we started hearing the distinct “woosh woosh” sound made by a fetal heartbeat. It was one of the most powerful things I had ever experienced. Something that I did had created a tiny heartbeat inside The Wife. We were listening to our potential future child.

One of the challenging things about being pregnant is how to refer to the baby. Early on do you call it a fetus? A baby? The child? It? Our future child? To make things easier, we decided to give “it” a name. We named the future potential human “Wooshy” after the sound that the heart made. We used the nickname Wooshy right until about an hour before delivery. Our friends thought this was pretty clever, but it drove my mother crazy.

Note to first time parents – find a way to record the sound of your baby’s heartbeat when you hear it. You will want to listen to that sound again.

(the baby story will be continued)

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