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March 30, 2005 – A cluster of Canucks

Today I repaid a shift swap by working at Fuji school. It seems that all the Canadians in the area work in Fuji school, except me.


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October 31, 2003 – Team Canada

Original Post

There is a new Canadian in Hello House! Now we are not so outnumbered by the Aussies. Go Team Canada!

2013 Update

Hello House is largely fully of Aussies and Americans. The new Canadian (let’s call him Marshall) brought the Canuck total up to 3. Hello House had roughly the same proportions of teachers as NOVA did. At NOVA, most of the English teachers were Australian or American. Next in line would be British and Canadian. Pulling up the rear for numbers are Irish, Scottish and New Zealanders. There was no restriction on country of origin, as long as English was your first language and you could get a working visa.

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