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December 29, 2003 – Robocop (the good one)

Most of Japan shuts down round New Year, and for a change NOVA was no exception. The one downside is that bank machines are also shut down, so you need to plan ahead for spending cash. I still don’t understand the need to shut down bank machines at any time, especially in a mostly cash based economy.

The day off was great. I sat on my butt, played video games and watched a lot of TV in the common room at Hello House. Included in my viewing was British detective show “A Touch of Frost” and Robocop. Fortunately this time it was the excellent original Robocop, and not the shockingly bad Robocop 3 that I endured a few weeks earlier.

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December 18, 2003 – Robocop 3 is terrible

In order to fight off my cold, I cancelled language practice and a post work trip to Roppongi. In the evening I decided to drink some cold green tea, because generally makes you feel better when you have a cold. I now know that some kinds of green tea have as much or more caffiene than coffee does. Needless to say I ended up watching late night TV by myself.

For the record, Robocop 3 sucks. I am not talking “is just bad”, it really, really sucks. They took out a lot of the violence and dark sense of humour, then added a robot ninja and Robocop with a jetpack. Seriously. Bad.

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