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July 20, 2006 – Multimedia lessons

After fighting bravely for a few days, I finally gave in and called in sick to work. A full day of sleep had me feeling much better. I found out later that instead of calling in a teacher to replace me, NOVA had instead provided students with multimedia lessons taught by a teacher from another branch.

NOVA has their own video conference equipment available for multimedia lessons. This allows students to learn from home, or to get lessons at their branch in another language. There is a huge demand for English teachers in Japan, but a much smaller demand for French, German, and Italian. The most efficient way to provide this service throughout Japan is to have the non-English teachers based in Osaka (NOVA HQ) who can virtually commute around the country where they are needed.

When a teacher is not available in person, students generally prefer a MM lesson to rescheduling. However, they did tell me that it’s just not the same as physically being in the same room.

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March 7, 2005 – Mid Shift

Today I worked my first mid shift. Mid shifts are rare at NOVA. Typically there are early shifts of 10:00 – 5:00, late shifts of 1:00 – 9:00, and part timer shifts of 5:00 – 9:00 on weekdays. The mid shift was about half way between an early and a late. It was scheduled to help increase branch capacity, but it was awkward because I really didn’t get much use out of my morning, and all of my coworkers were still working after I left in the evening. Not a big fan of the mid shift.

The one good part of the day was my first multimedia level check. NOVA uses a video chat system that they use to give lessons in other languages outside of major cities, to give students lessons at home, and to allow level checks in small branches that don’t have a surplus of teachers. It was my first time to use the multimedia system, and it was pretty cool, although not quite the same as being in the same room as the student.

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