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December 6, 2004 – Engrish Christmas messages

There is a lot of unnecessary English signage in Japan. Most of it is fun to read. Today at the 100 yen store I saw the following, reproduced with grammar and spelling errors in tact:

  • “Merry Christmas. As long as the message is received. Select carefully because it’s a gift. You can imagine the smile of the recipient”.
  • “Merry Christmas. There are as many dreams as there are loves. A day of wander to be kept in the heart.”

I really love this country!

Only 9 working days until I go home for Christmas!

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January 31, 2004 – I need a beers

Yes, yes I do

Yes, yes I do

Another work week finishes. Whee! I guess it is the last day of the month so I should write some insightful and meaningful wrap up for the month, showing how I learned something or how the cultural experience was meaningful or something. However, after an entire day of people badly misusing my native language, I can only say “I need a beers”.

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