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February 21, 2005 – This kid is messing with me

I was feeling surprisingly good after last night’s party. To make things even better, I was rewarded with 3 empty lessons, making for a nice easy day at work.

One of the lessons I did teach was a one on one kids class. In a nice departure from the norm, the lesson material was WAY too easy for this student. We breezed through the lesson, and I tried to think of a challenging way to keep him occupied and engaged for the rest of the class.

I decided that the classic game “Hangman” was a good option, using words from the lesson material. One of the words I chose was bike. The student got a few letters correct, realized that he almost solved the puzzle, and then started guessing some unlikely letters. Q came out first, then Z, W, X, and other letters that would provide some high scores in Scrabble. I wasn’t quite sure what he was doing, so I kept asking him if he was really sure he wanted to guess those letters. He said yes, so we kept going.

After several more wrong guesses, I finally completed drawing his stick figure on the gallows and told him that he lost.  His response was to say “hee hee it’s bike”. He was messing with me the whole time.

It was a refreshing change from a usual kids class where the kids aren’t interested in the material and just run around in circles.

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