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May 19, 2004 – Good kids class

With the impending arrival of my friends I decided to use my time before work in order to get prepared. Unfortunately, sleeping in extra late is not the best way to be productive. After I finally woke up I rushed to do a bunch of laundry and tidy up various messes in my room. Just before I started writing this blog entry I looked up train times to get to Narita airport for the pickup.

I have a regular group kids class on Wednesday now that is actually really good (unlike my Friday class). I like the kids and they actually seem to like me as well. At the end of our lesson I wrote on the whiteboard that I was going on vacation for 2 weeks, and then somehow managed to explain it to them. They all looked sad and actually lined up to shake my hand on the way out. Sometimes being a teacher can be pretty cool! These kids are not getting any homework when I am back to work.

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