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October 27, 2005 – Return to Fujinomiya


Today was my second time working in Fujinomiya. You can read more about the first time here.

The Nova branch is in the middle of a mall. It serves both as an English school, and cheap babysitting so you can get your shopping done uninterrupted. Instead of telling you about my day, I present some haiku inspired by the Fujinomiya teaching experience.

Foreign teachers watch your kids
You can shop in peace

You can sing the alphabet
20 times a shift

Long train ride from Numazu
But the food court’s great

The front of the branch is
Open so everyone can
See how bad you teach

What am i doing
This isn’t my usual
School – no more shift swaps

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June 9, 2005 – Early shift rules!

Today I got to work an early shift at Fujinomiya school.

Fujinomiya is a “small” city of 131,000 just north of Fuji city. Despite having the population to make it a city in Canada, it has a small town feel in Japan. The NOVA branch is located in the Jusco department store, which is the central shopping mall for the city. There are a huge number of kids classes at Fujinomiya NOVA, likely because they provide 40 minutes of child free shopping time for parents.

It’s always nice to interact with some different students. In addition to meeting some different people, it allows me to recycle some of my lesson openers and voice class topics, which makes for an easier day.

Early shift is great because I have my entire evening available, as opposed to my usual shift which ends at 9:00pm. The only downside to an early shift is working one right after a late shift. Otherwise, early shift rules!

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