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October 24, 2005 – Productive day off!

Today was a very productive day off. I fixed my flat bike tire, paid my property taxes (yes, you have to pay property taxes if you live in an apartment), and checked plane ticket prices for a trip home around Christmas.

After the penpal finished work we went to a big electronics store called Kojima where I used only Japanese to request repairs to my digital camera, which had been missing it’s button since I dropped it at Numazu summer festival. The penpal expertly coached me on how to say “I dropped my camera and lost the button, can you please repair it?”. The clerk at Kojima seemed impressed. It feels great to get something done in my second language!

Afterwards the Penpal and I ate sushi, hung out, and played Super Mario Brothers. Yes, I have the coolest girlfriend. It was a good day!

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September 26, 2004 – Digital Camera

This is the 8 megapixel version of my new camera!

Today I finally went out and bought a digital camera! I went to the big Yodobashi Camera near Kawasaki NOVA and bought a Canon IXY 4 megapixel camera with a 256mb memory card. I was looking for something in the 4 megapixel range with optical zoom that was point and shoot. This camera met all of my requirements, and the price was pretty good too.

I managed to make the entire purchase using Japanese. Very simple Japanese, but I still felt pretty proud of myself. The salesperson was very polite and patient. Yodobashi Camera rules!

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September 1, 2004 – Too many cameras

Today was my first day back to work after four days off. Urgh! The good news was that I am finally back at Kawasaki NOVA on Wednesdays and have my good kids class back. They were all really great today!

After work I went to buy a digital camera from Yodobashi Camera, which is conveniently located next to Kawasaki NOVA. When I walked into the camera section I realized that I was in completely over my head. There were at least 100 different models in prices ranging from cheap to crazy expensive. I don’t know anything about digital cameras, and my Japanese ability is too limited to have a meaningful conversation with the sales staff. I gave up for the day and went to the internet cafe to do some research. After spending some time online, I think I will be buying a 4 megapixel Sony camera.

Who knew that a camera store in Japan would have so many choices?

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