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November 8, 2005 – Productive not fun

Today was actually a very productive day. I got up in the morning and biked 4km to my Japanese lesson. After 90 minutes of language practice I returned home, stopping to get groceries on the way. I showered, ate, biked to work, worked a full shift, returned home and then put in some time cleaning the apartment.

Productive is good, but not necessarily fun.

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October 24, 2005 – Productive day off!

Today was a very productive day off. I fixed my flat bike tire, paid my property taxes (yes, you have to pay property taxes if you live in an apartment), and checked plane ticket prices for a trip home around Christmas.

After the penpal finished work we went to a big electronics store called Kojima where I used only Japanese to request repairs to my digital camera, which had been missing it’s button since I dropped it at Numazu summer festival. The penpal expertly coached me on how to say “I dropped my camera and lost the button, can you please repair it?”. The clerk at Kojima seemed impressed. It feels great to get something done in my second language!

Afterwards the Penpal and I ate sushi, hung out, and played Super Mario Brothers. Yes, I have the coolest girlfriend. It was a good day!

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