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March 1, 2006 – Keeping cake out of the rain

Happy birthday to my wonderful fiancee The Penpal!

I worked an early shift today, finishing at 5:00pm. My plan was to cook birthday dinner for The Penpal. In the past I didn’t cook for The Penpal very often in my apartment because chances were good that one of my roommates would be around. However, Palmer has just moved to Hokkaido and Azeroth was working a late shift, meaning that The Penpal and I had the whole place to ourselves for the evening.

I decided to pick up a cake on the way home at one of the fancy department stores near Numazu station. Fancy cakes in Japan are an art form; the biggest challenge I had was which one to pick. It was raining a little when I entered the store, and pouring when I left. To keep the cake dry, I had to hold the cake bag up directly under my umbrella. I must have looked ridiculous wearing a shirt and tie, holding a cake at eye level under my umbrella as I walked through a downpour to my apartment. It was worth it, the cake was dry when I got home! (I was not)

The Penpal and I had a good evening together. I really hope NOVA is not in a rush to find us a new roommate; I could get used to having free time in the apartment!

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July 29, 2005 – Birthday eel

Happy birthday to me! I celebrated my 27th birthday with The Penpal and her family. They took me out for dinner and we all ordered unadon, which is grilled eel on rice. It is a popular summer food, as Japanese people believe that eel gives you energy when it’s hot outside. It was nice to have a family birthday, even if it wasn’t my family.

I also got calls from Canada, with my mom’s annual reminder that I was 19 days overdue. I don’t think she will ever let me forget it!

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