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February 21, 2004 – Pixies in Winnipeg? Are you kidding me?

Original Post

I had to teach a 4 year old girl today. She ran screaming and crying from the small Nova fishbowl sized classroom, even when her mother was in there. So I ended up teaching her in one of the empty kids classrooms. Once she got into the bigger, friendlier looking room she was really fun to teach.

Just before I started writing this post I got an email from The Ex letting me know that the Pixies are reuniting and going on a tour. Holy sh*t!! Unbelievably, the first date of their tour is WINNIPEG, while I am stuck here in Japan. To keep this blog mostly appropriate for all ages, I would like you to think of the worst, most vulgar curse words you know. Now imagine me screaming those words over and over until I lose my voice. That’s how I feel about the situation. Hopefully they will manage to keep it together until they make it to an as yet unannounced Japanese date. I mean, seriously, that`s just cruel. The only thing that could be more heartbreaking for me would be Kurt Cobain revealing he is really still alive, and Nirvana starting a reunion tour from Winnipeg. F@*k.

2014 Update

It took until April 2011 for me to finally see the Pixies in concert. The show was on the Doolittle 20th anniversary tour and it sold out in less than 5 minutes. I bought tickets from StubHub, a ticket reselling (scalping) website for twice the price. Not long after I made my non-refundable purchase, the Pixies announced a second show in Winnipeg that I could have easily got tickets for. Meanwhile, it took me weeks of getting the wrong tickets, sending them back, getting the wrong tickets again and then hours on the phone to finally get my overpriced concert tickets.

Do go see the Pixies if you have a chance. Don’t buy from StubHub. Ever.

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January 29, 2004 – 10 Degrees and Sunny

Japanese practice in Yokohama, Mos Burger and chatting to friends at home on MSN make for a good day. For those freezing in a long, cold Winnipeg winter – I would like you to know that it 10 degrees and sunny with a beautiful blue sky here today. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(2014 update)

I am in Winnipeg as I am rewriting my original post, and it is -30 outside. I would kill for 10 degrees, even without sunny skies.

MOS Burger is a Japanese fast food chain that is now the second largest fast food franchise in Japan after McDonalds Japan. They offer a variety of Japanese style hamburgers. Definitely worth a try if you want to try some international fast food.

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