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June 3, 2004 pt1 – The 20 Frosty Challenge

Hippie poses with Green during the epic 20 frosty challenge

Hippie poses with Green during the epic 20 frosty challenge

Today was a nice, hot, sunny day. Just after noon we went to the nearby Wendy’s near Mukogaokayuen station. We all had lunch, and Green decided to get a Frosty from the 100 yen value menu. A Frosty is a thick 100 yen chocolate milkshake that comes with a spoon.

Green made a big deal about how delicious his Frosty was, and how he would enjoy eating another. Flounder asked him if he could eat two more Frosties, and Green said that he could. One of us asked if he could eat three more Frosties, which again got an affirmative response. This started a process of escalation, and after a few minutes Green had agreed to eat 20 Frosties in one hour. The rules were clarified: the 20 Frosties would consist of the one he had already eaten, plus 19 more.

Hippie, Code Red and I also wanted to have a frosty each, so I taught Green how to say “22 Frosties please” in Japanese. He walked up to the counter and said “ni-juu-ni Frosty kudasai”. The lady at the counter was naturally confused, thinking that Green actually wanted two Frosties. He tried again, and this time the lady held up two fingers to confirm. Green called me over to translate. I explained in my best Japanese that my friend really loves Frosties, and he is actually trying to order 22. She started laughing and then proceeded to start filling up 22 value size Frosties from the machine. The machine actually ran out half way through, so we were sent to the table with half of our order with the other half coming shortly.

The timer started and Green impressively started eating. He raced through Frosties two to ten in a blur of plastic spoons and ice cream. At the end of the tenth frosty he was starting to shiver, both from the large quantity of ice cream that he was eating, and also from the large air conditioning unit that we were seated under. We agreed to move the challenge outside in the sun. By the time we got outside, Green was looking a bit, well, green. I told him that I would be impressed if he could eat just two more Frosties. He picked up his spoon, and slowly, painfully forced down Frosties number 11 and 12. At this point he said he was done, and the rest of us worked on eating the remainder of the Frosty order.

After a few minutes of letting our food settle, we got up to walk back to Hello House. Green suddenly announced that he didn’t feel well and then proceeded to run behind Wendy’s to unload 12 Frosties at high speed, along with his lunch. This magical moment was captured on video camera by Code Red. Green survived the walk back to Hello House and then proceeded to sleep for about three hours.

Kids – don’t try to eat 20 Frosties in an hour. They look small, but the volume adds up quickly.

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February 22, 2004 – Lord of the Rings finally

I FINALLY got to see Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King! Movies are usually released in Japan about 1-2 months after the North American release. It was a great movie, but I still like Fellowship of the Ring the best.

For reasons unknown I only had to pay 1200 yen instead of the usual 1800 yen admission fee. However, you won’t hear me complaining. Once again I love the fact that the major movie theater chains have reserved seating. This is something that theatres back home should copy. You can buy your ticket and not have to wait in line to rush into the theatre and get a good seat.

Due to being incredibly lazy, I ate Wendy’s twice today. Being homesick = more burgers than usual.

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January 25, 2004 – A romantic dinner at Wendy’s

The view near Mukogaoka-Yuen station including Wendy's in the middle of the shot

The view near Mukogaoka-Yuen station including Wendy’s in the middle of the shot

The Penpal came to visit me in Noborito today. We watched movies, practiced languages, and enjoyed a romantic dinner at Wendy’s. Okay, it was actually lunch, and not terribly romantic. But we did it together and it was fun.

The Penpal had to leave in the late afternoon. From Noborito she would take the Odakyu line to Odawara and then change to Tokaido line to go to Numazu. I wanted to spend some more time with her, so I came up with a clever idea. At Noborito station I bought the cheapest ticket available, good for one stop on the Odakyu line. We then rode together to Odawara. We said goodbye at the Odakyu exit gate, and then I got on the next train going back towards Tokyo. I got off at Mukogaoka-yuen station, which is exactly one stop away from Noborito. In total I got to spend another hour with The Penpal and to travel a round trip of 134km for the low price of 130 yen.

Feeling pretty proud of myself, I stopped in at Daiei to get some discount food for dinner instead of cooking. I was pleasantly surprised to find an entire pizza with jalapenos, olives and pepperoni for half price. How can you beat 450 yen for a whole pizza?

Just a fantastic day all around.

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September 27, 2003 – Less than a week in Japan and I am eating burgers

Original Post

The only notable thing today was eating at Wendy`s, which is exactly the same as Wendy`s in Canada. But I ordered in Japanese and felt pretty good about myself for it! I watched Jurassic Park on TV. When foreign films play on TV, the character`s names are shown in katakana when they are introduced. It is actually a nice feature that should be in all movies.

2013 Notes

Unfortunately not all movies have the character name pop up. I still think it is a very good idea.

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