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June 10, 2004 – Setting up the month of pain

I used up all of my vacation time and did some shift swaps to get the time off for my friends recent visit to Japan. To get time off for my family’s visit I did all shift swaps. I have basically destroyed my June and July work schedules, and have a stretch of 20 work days in a row. July is NOT going to be a fun month.

(2014 Update) In case you are looking at the dates of my posts and wondering why there are large gaps, it is entirely due to the non stop work required to get time off for my visitors. Nothing really interesting happened on most of those days other than work.


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May 7, 2004 – Accomodations confirmed

The DU invasion now has a place to stay when they arrive in Japan! Only two weeks to go!


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April 19, 2004 – DU invasion confirmed


My day off was incredibly lazy. Other than that, the highlight was the DU Manitoba invasion of Japan is now confirmed! Four of my friends from University will be coming to visit in May. Japan beware!

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