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November 4, 2003 – Porno (the book, not the porn)

(rewritten from original post)

Getting my train pass fixed was surprisingly easy, thanks to basic level Japanese and helpful JR staff.

After work I went for some beer with new trainees. There is another Canadian! He is unfortunately from New Brunswick, but I won`t hold that against him. I learned that there was a sequel to Trainspotting (the book) called Porno. Parts of the book are written in phonetic Scottish to communicate how strong some character’s accents are. Reading a few pages of it melted my brain.

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November 3, 2003 – My suica has been smashed

Suica Card

Original 2003 Post

Cleaning, laundry and email day today. Unfortunately due to some issues with my trip yesterday, my train pass doesn’t work at the moment. I will have to speak to the good people at Japan Rail to get things good again. That could be fun…

2013 Update

Each month, NOVA employees were provided with a commuter train pass. The pass allows for unlimited travel between your home station and your work station for one month. Since my commute was all on JR lines, I was issued a Suica rechargeable train pass.

Using my Suica as a commuter pass, I could take free trips between Noborito and Kawasaki, or any points in between. Traveling beyond Kawasaki would require me only to pay the portion of my trip that was not covered by my commuter pass. This saved money on trips to Yokohama for sightseeing, language exchange, and failed date nights to see Kill Bill.

I could also add money to my Suica to use it as a rechargeable train pass. Instead of having to buy a ticket each time I rode the train, I could just scan my Suica when entering and exiting the train system and the trip cost would be deducted from my balance. My card worked on all JR lines, but not private lines or subway.

The Suica system has now expanded to most of Japan, and the cards can also be used at certain vending machines and convenience stores in or near train stations for making purchases.

If you are living in Japan and travel on JR lines regularly, get one of these cards. You will love it!

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