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February 3, 2004 – The Urinating Talk Show

Tuesday is becoming my favorite day for TV at Hello House. Before work I get to watch THREE back to back to back episodes of the Simpsons. Finding The Simpsons on TV in Japan is not easy, compared to Canada where it was literally on some channel any time day or night.

Curious about the non-Simpsons offerings on the TV, I browsed through the channel listings. I found a Japanese channel with a show called “The Urinating Talk Show” followed by “The Special Urinating Talk Show!”. That channel was blocked in Hello House, so I can only speculate on the contents. My best guesses are that they either talk about urinating or talk while urinating. Either way, I was not terribly upset that I couldn’t watch.

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January 1, 2004 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

After spending most of the day recovering from the sins of the previous night, I ended up watching a lot of The Simpsons in the Hello House common room. At about 9:00pm I went to the station to meet up with Marshall`s friend who was en route to Thailand and had a one day stopover in Japan. Since Marshall was skiing in Nagano, I met up with his friend, gave him the cheap tour, found him some dinner, and gave him directions for the next day. To close out the day we watched some very strange Japanese TV.

“Very strange Japanese TV” is probably redundant.

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