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August 30, 2004 – Who are you, brutha?

Today I made very good use of a day off. I watched a bunch of episodes of CSI on my computer, worked on the website, and played video games.

Zoe is one of the few people with an internet connection at Hello House. She has been using her connection to download TV shows. Today she hooked up with CSI season 1. Thanks Zoe! (note: downloading TV shows is bad, don’t do it!)

I am very excited about my new game – Total Extreme Wrestling; a wrestling management simulator. You run a wrestling promotion, hiring wrestlers, booking events, and deciding who wins and how. In addition you create storylines and characters, and try to keep your promotion profitable. It is incredible addictive for pro wrestling fans or business simulator fans. So much fun!

(2014 Update)  Some people might be reading this and wondering “Hey, why did you spend your time in Japan watching TV shows from back home and hiding in your room playing video games?”. My first reason is money. Staying in my room watching TV and playing video games is relatively cheap compared to the limitless opportunities to spend money in the Greater Tokyo area. I am getting to see a lot of cool things in Japan, but I am also trying to send some money home to pay off student loans as well.

The second reason is my personality. I do like to spend time with friends and get out of the house. However, I also need a good amount of “me time” as well. Teaching English requires me to be happy and outgoing in the classroom. Some days this comes naturally, other days it is harder to do. After teaching I sometimes like to take time to recharge my social batteries by not interacting with anyone.

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August 9, 2004 – Day off!?

My first day off after 6 days of work. I was laaaaaaaazy. I thoroughly enjoyed my day of video games, sleeping and yet more video games.

(2014 Update) Some people might be wondering why I would move to an awesome country like Japan and then spend my free time playing video games instead of exploring. My answer to this question is money. In addition to getting out and having adventures, I was also trying to send money home to pay off some of my student loans. And playing video games while living in Japan is still pretty cool.

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