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June 9, 2006 – World Cup is BORING

The FIFA World Cup is on now. Since we have a lot of British teachers, the World Cup is a regular topic of conversation in the teachers room. Tonight I was invited to watch my first ever World Cup game, England vs. Paraguay, with coworkers. It was BORING! SO VERY BORING!

I’m sure the soccer / football fans out there are warming up their fingers to type a blistering message about how a maple sucking puck slapper (Canadian) like me could never understand “The Beautiful Game”; this may be true. Soccer is a widely played game in Canada, but rarely at the professional level. I can appreciate how passionate people get about the game, especially when national pride is on the line, but the game we watched was simply not exciting soccer. At all. Even the most tea swilling, Union Jack wearing, fish and chips eating Brits in our group ended up apologizing and saying that the game wasn’t much fun to watch. They did keep telling me that World Cup is usually a lot more exciting.

The whole experience reminded me of the episode of The Simpsons where a major international soccer game is played in Springfield and everyone gets bored after about 30 seconds. Unlike Springfield, we didn’t have a riot.

At least I got a chance to hang out and drink a few beers while eating some really good spicy miso potato chips. Yum!

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