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February 26, 2006 – Rain delay

Today I worked at Fuji school to cover a shift swap. I was raining during the day, and absolutely pouring when I tried to leave.

The rain was so hard that my train home was delayed 30 minutes. Fuji serves just under 9000 passengers a day. Even with that relatively small number the platforms were absolutely packed. I can’t even imagine what a rain delays would do for a bigger station! Stupid rain.

2016 Bonus material

There were some train stations that I used regularly in my time in Japan. Fuji was the least busy of my regular stations. Numazu averages around 22,000 passengers a day, Kawasaki was about 164,000, and Shinjuku is somewhere near between 2-3 million daily.

No, that wasn’t a typo. Shinjuku station is bonkers.

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November 12, 2004 – So much rain!

It rained like crazy today. Seriously, it was a crazy amount of rain.

Due to heavy rain volumes, the Tokaido line was experiencing delays. Tokaido is the busiest line of the whole Japan Rail network, running from Tokyo to Kobe. I was lucky to get to work on time, but on the way home I had to wait at Mishima station for half an hour. In a country where you can literally set your watch by the train schedule, a 30 minute delay is a huge deal.

At home I dried out and spent a bunch of time on the internet. Now that I can connect in my room without having to go to the internet cafe, the novelty of the internet has worn off.

In other news, I am buying a plane ticket tomorrow so I can go home for Christmas. Woohoo!

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