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September 15, 2003 – Destination: Kawasaki

Today I found out I will be living in Kawasaki, Japan. I will be in a guest house called “Hello House” where I get my own room but share bathrooms, showers, kitchen and a common area. It will be exactly like rez, but with less classes. Things I still need to do before I leave:
– Transfer all my stuff to my sister’s laptop (which I will be taking)
– Transfer all of her stuff to my computer (which stays here)
– Buy luggage
– Pack everything

2013 Note 1 – “Rez” is common slang for a University residence or dormitory.

2013 Note 2 – Deporning a computer is important before your sister takes it over.

2013 Note 3 – My sister’s computer sucked. It was an underpowered old IBM laptop that weighed about 8kg and only functioned when plugged in (this detail will be important later – trust me). Since it was old and crappy, I could only bring along classic computer games.

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